What is footprints and handprints?

Human hand holding young plant with soil on nature background, e
Last week we wrote about water saving and how to make your water footprints smaller. Today we will explain what water and environmental footprints and handprints are.


A footprint is the mark that a product leaves when produced. Everything that we consume in one way or another has a footprint. The footprint is the negative effects of the production of the product. It can be water consumption or damage, emission, effects on the people producing the product and so on. As a eco-friendly property owner you want to try to reduce your footprints as much as possible. Way to do so can for example be saving water as we wrote of last week or move over from paper to digital solutions as we discussed yesterday.


Handprints on the other hand is things that you or the product you consume or produce do for the environment that is good for it. These need an effort to happen. It can be smaller things like building a bee hotel but also larger deeds like giving a part of your profit to some kind of charity. Informing and inspiring others is one of the most powerful handprints you can make.


In other words - the mark you leave on the environment is divided into footprints (bad)  and handprints (good). Make sure that your footprints keeps getting smaller and your handprints gets bigger and together we can save our beautiful world. (Source: The Human Footprint and the Human Handprint)