Is your website mobile ready?

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It is highly likely that many of your visits on your website comes from mobile devices. Therefore you need to have a website that is readable in all devices. Let us give you some pointers on how to do this.

Responsive design

First of all chose a responsive design on your website. This means that the website can be seen in all devices. And you don’t have to build and maintain two different sites.

Keep it simple

You want to keep your site and it’s content easy to navigate and to digest. This means easy read texts, accessible information and a clear structure. Make sure that it is easy to reach important things like contact information, directions, booking and check availability.


Fonts has an huge impact on how accessible a site is to the visitor. Use easy to read fonts like Helvetica or Arial for high readability. Not too small, not too large.


When it comes to colors you want a high contrast between the font and the background. Black font on white background for example. You can then play around a bit with the tone to get the touch that you want.

Google AdWords Tool

Use some kind of Google AdWords tool to make sure you’re site is search engine optimized in regard to important keywords. Also try to have at least 250 words of text and 1-3 pictures per page. Make sure that the pictures are not to heavy since that will make the site slow to open.


Always make sure that you test your site on different devices. And double check that visitors can contact you and place bookings on all devices.


The Roombler booking widget is easy to implement on your site and works on all devices. It is easy for the customer to book your accommodation on site or on OTAs like Expedia and You handle everything from your phone in the Roombler PMS app.