13 must-have tools for running a better Airbnb property

What tools do you use to run your Airbnb property? Every year, more and more tools (both free and paid ones) are created for helping Airbnb hosts get more bookings, manage the hosting process, deliver a better service and always receive positive reviews. Those that offer a free option or that are completely free are obviously the easy way to get started, and we are grateful for all the amazing companies out there that offer such value for free. Here’s the list we came up with, and I’d love to know what you think! NOTE: We are the team behind #4 on this list, Roombler. All the other tools that are on the list because we think they are really interesting and they will help you become a perfect host. We are not affiliated with any of them. --

Take pro-level property photos

1. Horizon Camera App: Basic version is free / iPhone / Android It allows you to take perfect straight/leveled photos and add advanced filters for showing how great your property is. Horizon Camera app --

See competitor prices & occupancy

2. Airdna: Basic version is free / Website You can search for your city/location and compare occupancy and prices with competitors. (they don't have all the cities and locations in the world but they have many) Interesting alternative to Airdna that's worth checking is: InsideAirbnb.com Airdna --

Adapt your prices daily and get 40%+ revenue

3. BeyondPricing: 30-day free trial, then 1% of your property earnings / Website They promise 40% higher income from your property so the 1% fee is actually fair if they can deliver that. They cover several locations across the world so you might want to give it a try. BeyondPricing --

Manage all your bookings in an app

4. Roombler: Free for up to 2 properties / Website You can add all your bookings and prices in the app and then manage everything from there together with your team: new bookings, check/ins, check/outs, changes, payments etc. You can also see reports. Roombler - Everything you need to be a better Airbnb host --

Allow guests in no matter where you are

5. KeyCafe: €7.95/month + €1.95 per key pickup / Website / Only in selected major cities You leave the keys at the designated locations (cafes, bars etc.) and the guests can pick them up from there, without you or your cleaner being present. KeyCafe - 6. Lockitron: 99$ / Website You open the door to your guests from your mobile, anywhere in the world. And it runs on batteries that last for 6 months. (they notify you before you need to change them) lockitron - 7. CandyHouse: 149,99$ / Website Very similar to the one above, with one major difference: They say that you can still use the keys in parallel to that and that their batteries last for nearly 2 years (500 days)! candyhouse - 8. WelcomePickups: Free for hosts. Taxi tariff for guests / Website There is a new breed of taxi/ride services (similar Uber) in several locations across the world. They work with Airbnb hosts for facilitating the arrival and departure of guests. So they can take the keys from you, and give them to the guests when they pick them up from the airport or other location, for bringing them to your property. WelcomePickups --

Help your guests during their stay

9. CityTrip: Free / Website / Mainly for US cities When a guest asks you where to go out and where to eat, you can check this guide which includes many suggestions from other Airbnb hosts like you from your city. Alternative to that is obviously TripAdvisor but also Zagat and other similar sites.


- 10. Coral: Free / Website You guests will ask many questions and they probably will need your guidance. This tool allows you to put all that information in a free guide they can use on their mobile for free.

Coral Life Guide


Monitor the door, smoking & loud noises

11. Minut: €99 / Website There are a lot of different tools for monitoring what is happening without invading the guest's privacy. This one is a good example as it allows you to: "get immediate notifications about smoking, loud noises and other issues - before your neighbours call to complain." Minut - Tracking for Airbnb - 12. Skybell: €240 / Website With this tool, you can monitor who is on your door at all times. You can also answer the door from your mobile. It uses motion sensors to understand movement. It can be used with multiple devices so several people that have their app can answer when someone is at your door. SkyBell --

Track your Airbnb income and expenses

13. Hurdlr: Free / Website This tool is great for tracking all your property's income, expenses and have an overview of how well you are doing. Hurdlr --

Over to you

Which of your favorite tools would you add to this list? Did you notice any new ones that might be worth trying? I’d love to hear from you about the tools you’ve found most helpful and how you’ve put them to good use. Feel free to add any thoughts at all in the comments below. I’m looking forward to chatting!