The Complete Guide to Property Management Systems (PMS)

Hotel property management system
The Complete Guide to Property Management Systems (PMS)
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If any of the following applies to you, then congratulations, you are the modern owner! Regardless of the type of property, the size or the location of the property you run, modern owners need to be able to do all the following in the best way possible:
  1. You run a small or medium-sized hotel, a bed & breakfast or few Airbnb properties.
  2. You get bookings from several sources e.g., email, phone, maybe also, Expedia etc. (If you get bookings from these sites, this will show you how to avoid double bookings as well)
  3. You share with your housekeepers or your team the upcoming arrivals and departures so that they know when they need to do their tasks.
  4. You update prices for special dates and offers.
  5. You track your income and you need a simple way to see your income from each booking, or a specific week or a specific month.

Do you really need a PMS?

We'll answer with a question: The world didn't need cars, airplanes or trains, right? We could very well continue to move around on foot, on horses and with boats. But can you imagine your life today without cars, airplanes, and trains? It would take so much time and effort to get from A to B. That is the difference between managing a small hotel or other accommodation with and without a PMS. It takes much more effort and time, and after you start using one, you just ask yourself what were you doing all that time without a PMS. --

Most people ask these 5 questions


1. What are the best PMSs?

I'll use the car example again: A PMS is like a car. There is no universally best car. There is the best car for you. Our research discovered more than 200 different companies offering a PMS, but if you read this guide, you will be able to choose the right one for you in less than 23 minutes. (yes, we timed it)

2. Will I lose my bookings? Are these PMSs safe?

Depends on which one you choose. See below, we explain how to make sure you always have your bookings depending on the PMS you choose.

3. Do I need to be a technology expert?

No, and you don't need to have an IT person for using one. Modern PMSs are as easy as reading your email on Gmail or Outlook, and if someone says the opposite, just smile politely and pretend someone called you on the back, so you can walk away 🙂

4. How much should I pay for it?

There are many choices, from absolutely free to several thousands of Euros/USD (or your local currency). Below we explain how to avoid paying a lot in few smart steps.

5. Should I use it on my mobile or tablet?

Yes, the PMS you choose should be as we say “mobile-first” and it must allow you to control everything from anywhere, not only from your computer. Your guests book from anywhere and anytime, and you need to see and manage that anywhere and anytime as well. So let's get started, by looking at how it works with 5 simple steps in the next chapter.

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