5 proven practices for getting more bookings

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Being an Airbnb host, a Bed & Breakfast owner, or a small hotel manager isn't obvious. And getting more bookings is probably the least obvious part of it. So here are some proven practices you can use to get more bookings, and increase your revenue. --

1. More photos

According to TripAdvisor, properties with 30 or more photos have over 45% more traveler engagement than those with 10 or less. Here are two examples: Roombler Pricing TIP: Add more photos covering all aspects of the guest experience, not just the view and the room for example. --

2. Review score

A recent Cornell Hospitality Research Center study revealed an impressive discovery: Properties that increase their review score by one point (on a five-point scale), can increase prices by 11.2% and still maintain the same occupancy rates. Here is an example: Roombler - pricing TIP: Do the extra effort to get better reviews, even if it makes you feel that’s it’s not worth it. You will get it back afterward 🙂 --

3. Mobile design

eMarketer discovered that as of 2016, 51.8% of travelers who book trips via digital means, will do so using a mobile device. Roombler - Mobile User TIP: Mobile requires less text & lighter images as the screen is smaller. So improve your listing & site for users on mobile. --

4. Free breakfast

84% of US travelers say that getting a free breakfast is very important. The average price of breakfast when it’s not included is$13,80. Breakfast on a tray in bed in a hotel with white linen and a wooden interior TIP: See what sort of breakfast your competitors offer. Sometimes a limited but free breakfast will put you ahead of your competition. --

5. Property description

A study of 30 Superhost Airbnb Listings by GlobalHostingBlogs, revealed that 24 of them had serious problems in their descriptions. RELATED: Why your Airbnb description & house rules affect negatively your reviews (and how to solve that) Roombler - Property Description TIP: On Airbnb, photos & reviews are the most powerful decision factors, even when the listing description is problematic. Green-Banner@2x