The perfect welcome package

Gift box and wrapping materials on a white wood old background.
A great way to welcome your guests to your place is to hand them a welcome package. It will add a perfect touch of thoughtfulness and hospitality.


Start out with a welcome letter with a personal note from you and all important phone numbers and other essential information, like what time they can get ahold of you, breakfast serving times etc.

City guide

A personal guide of your town with all the places to go is perfect to put in the welcome package. You can even highlight special sights that you think will fit that certain guest specially well. You can read more about how to make your city guide here.

What’s up

Put down some special happenings that will occur during the guests stay at your place. By following up on these you can later on give them personal heads up on events that will take place in your town to get re-bookings.

Local specialities

Talk to some of your local producers about putting some samples in your welcome package. You will get a great package to give to your guests and the producers will get pretty much free advertising.


If your guests has kids it is perfect to put some crayons and a coloring book in the welcome package. For the grownups you can add anything that suits your guests and their vacation. How about a bottle of champagne?