Make your rental welcoming to kids – and their parents

Are your guests bringing their kids on their vacation? Here are a few tips on how to make their life easier and help them to a smoother vacation. Parents will definitely appreciate that you are not only concerned about their stay but are also going that extra mile for the most precious thing that they have - their kids.


Ask the parents when booking if there are any treats the kids like and what they are allowed to eat. Make a note about this in your Roombler booking management app. See to that this is available in the room at arrival. This will surely be high appreciated after a, perhaps, long trip. Make sure that your guests know where to heat formula or babies food.


A coloring book and crayons will keep most kids busy and calm for a while, and will give the parents enough time to enjoy a drink or a dinner in peace and quiet. Keep a variety of toys for different ages and place them in the room. They don’t have to be anything too fancy, the fact that they are new to the kid will go a long way. As a bonus tip, make sure to leave clear directions on how to put on a children's channel on the tv.

Getting around

By providing a baby boogie, and informing the parents of this in advance, will spare your guests from the anxiety of dragging one of their own with them during their entire journey. Also include a list of kid friendly places to visit, cafes and restaurants in your guide of your town.