How do you keep track of your bookings?

Are you a post-it lover or are you using a digital solution to keep track of your bookings and everything that comes with? And what about when you’re away from your desk?


Post-its are great. You can write things on them and they stick to your desk. Or wall or wherever you choose to put them. The only problem is that they are easily misplaced and hard to bring with you. Same thing with a classic paper calendar. If you bring it with you the risk is that you’ll misplace it somewhere. And If you don’t bring it you risk to forget to put down a booking and so on.


If you don’t like to keep track of a physical calendar and all the post-it notes. A digital option is a spreadsheet in Excel. However it can be hard to get a good overview, it brings a lot of copy pasting from different booking channels and also you'll need to organize it by yourself. Also, bringing your computer everywhere you go is complicated and not always the perfect solution.

Mobile solution

Roombler is a mobile solution to the problem. Being an app you always have your property management system with you in your pocket. You can manage your bookings from wherever you are. Use the Roombler booking widget on your site to get more direct bookings directly to your system and connect Roombler to your OTAs and you’ll get less admin and less risk to misplace information.