5 reasons why only smart hoteliers use this for managing their bookings

Hotel property management system
It is estimated that the total number of hotels and hotel-like properties across the world is around 1,000,000. Most of these properties manage to cover their costs and maybe also have a small profit. But the owners spend a tremendous amount of time and energy to make that happen. Smart hotel owners on the other hand, find ways to improve that. They manage to do things faster with less energy and have more time and resources available for promoting the property and offering a great guest service. How do they do that? They choose to move away from chaotic management by using smart tools. For managing their bookings, they use this type of tool:
  • It's called a property management system (PMS)
  • It helps you manage your bookings and reduce manual tasks
  • It costs from 0 up to 150 EUR/month depending on the size of your property

So why do smart hoteliers use this type of tool?

1. They spend 90% less time than you A property management system (PMS) saves you time as bookings are added automatically. The prices are also set automatically, and you only change that when you do a special offer. So the hotel owners that use a PMS in fact spend 90% less time managing their bookings. 2. They never mix up their bookings With a PMS, you can connect your property's availability from all the sites like Booking.com, Expedia as well as your own website so whenever a new booking takes place, it's never lost and never on top of another booking. 3. They don't add their bookings manually When the bookings are added automatically in the PMS, you don't need to type anything manually. You just see the bookings and you can change the allocated room number if you want. Nothing else needs to be done. 4. They don't calculate revenue and taxes manually After you setup your PMS, every booking will have a detailed tax and revenue information so you know exactly what happens with your money. No need to calculate things by hand. 5. They don't send booking confirmations manually With most PMSs, you will also be able to setup an automated email confirmation for any guest that books a room. The guests will get that directly after they make their booking with the information you want to share with them. Want to learn more?  Download the Complete Guide to Property Management Systems (PMS)