Facebook business basics

With 1.7 billion active users Facebook is, by far, the largest social network in the world. Your customers and potential customers will probably be there and therefore you need to as well.


As a person you have your profile. Companies, organizations, celebrities etc. on the other hand have pages. So the first thing you have to do is to register a page for your business.

Spread the word

When your page is in place you need to start telling people about it. For example you can:
  • Add a link in emails
  • Promote your page in your property, for example at the front desk
  • Share it on your private account


When using facebook you get posts from your friends, others and different pages and groups in your feed. What is shown to you is decided by the Facebook algorithm. Since there are so much content on Facebook, the algorithm has been created to show you what you want to see. This is based on several different aspects among which you find type of content, interactions, what your friends likes and interact with and so on.

Caring is sharing

Since you want your posts to get spread over Facebook and reach your potential guests, you need to create content that your target group will care about and share with their friends. Also talk to your suppliers about working together to reach more people. Let’s say that you get your breakfast bread from the local bakery. You can then share their post where they say that they take your buns out of the owen. And they can share your post where you say that you serve their buns for breakfast.