Eyecatching details that will make all the difference

No matter what style of interior you have chosen for your place, the details make all the difference.

Pop of color

A pop of color in an otherwise clean space will add interest and will work as an eyecatcher. It can be a wall painted in a different color, a piece of furniture or simply a couple of pillows. These can also be exchanged due to season.

Interesting art

Interesting art doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Talk to a local artist of your taste, maybe they can display their art at your place. They will market and sale their art and you will have amazing, one of a kind, free art hanging on your walls.


Flowers is a perfect way to add life to your interior design. If you feel insecure about your florist skills a great way to create an arrangement is to put singe flowers in small vases and place them as a group.

Collectors items

Another great piece to have as a stand out detail is some type of classic furniture or other things that will catch peoples interest like collectors items. It can be anything from an Arne Jacobsen chair to an old vintage diner sign.

Those little things

Last but not least we have the smaller details. Things like coasters, a stack of old books or designer magazines, a piece of marble with beautiful candles on it. These are things that will truly make everything come together.