What are the benefits of Property Management Systems

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The Complete Guide to Property Management Systems (PMS)
Chapter 2 of 5: What are the benefits Property Management Systems
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Depending on the way you manage your property, on the number of websites where you get bookings from, and whether you do everything yourself or you have a team, some benefits will be much stronger than others.

1. Not losing your bookings

If you use a paper notebook, an Excel sheet or just emails and a calendar to track your bookings you run the risk of losing it all if it gets damaged, lost or deleted. In that case, you won't be able to know who is coming and for how many days, so you will be in a very chaotic situation. And you might say, "yes, but how often does that happen". Would you risk it? Benefit: The online PMSs will save your data securely online, so it's much safer. --

2. Spending 90% less time

When you need to add a new booking or change something for one or more of your bookings, if you don't use a PMS, you will need to write/type or erase it by hand and then copy and paste or re-write the updated information on the notebook or in the Excel sheet or your calendar. That's a lot of work for every new booking and every change. Benefit: With a PMS you add/change bookings with 2-3 clicks. Everything else is updated automatically. --

3. Easier to inform your cleaners/staff

Your housekeepers, as well as any other people in your team, need to know when you have arrivals and departures. If the only way they can find out is:

a) checking your paper notebook, the Excel sheet or your calendar on their own, or

b) waiting for you to check it and tell them or send them a message,

the day to day running becomes very demanding and with a lot of pressure for you, without any benefits. Benefit: With a PMS, your cleaners & team can see the upcoming arrivals/departures from any computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also send them automated messages. --

4. Never having double/overbookings

If you run a small property in a professional way, chances are you will be getting bookings from multiple websites and sources. Some hoteliers tell us they get bookings by phone, by email, from facebook requests, and from Booking.com. Others get bookings from their website, from Booking.com, and from Expedia. Regardless of where you get bookings from, making sure that your availability is updated everywhere is very important as otherwise you will have double bookings for the same rooms same days, and that's a guaranteed negative review when you cancel one of the two and you let them know. Benefit: With a PMS you automatically update your available rooms & prices on every site with one click. NOTE: Not all PMSs offer that by default, most will offer it as an extra add-on but it has become a crucial part of PMSs nowadays.

5. Knowing your income

If you want to see how much money you get from each booking, or from all bookings during the past month for example (without taxes) you need to calculate things manually and that's complex. There is also a greater chance of making a wrong calculation. Benefit: With a PMS you can see exactly your income per day/week/month, or for each booking or for multiple specific bookings with just 2-3 clicks.  -- Before you choose a PMS, it crucial that you understand what are the benefits and the risks of each type of PMS. So in the following chapter we look at the main differences between online PMSs and offline PMSs which you install on your computer.

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