Why your Airbnb description & house rules affect negatively your reviews (and how to solve that)

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Being a perfect host and getting always positive reviews isn’t obvious. There is a lot involved. In this article, we will look at how you can use your property descriptions & house rules to your advantage.

How descriptions affect reviews

Every guest's journey is comprised of 4 stages:
  1. Searching for a place to stay
  2. Booking it
  3. Staying
  4. Reviewing it
In other words, after the guest looks at your pricing and photos, they will read your descriptions and based on the expectations it creates, they'll make a booking. After they stay, if the expectations weren't met, they will probably leave a bad review. But there is a way to guarantee that this won't happen to you. Read on. The best illustration for this is a recent Booking.com TV ad (we are not affiliated with Booking.com in any way, I'm just sharing the video as it's interesting) which shows that moment when the guest is arriving at the property, and they are not sure if it will be anything like the photos and the description they read when they booked: (60 sec.)

Descriptions vs. Expectations

If the description doesn’t match the reality of the property, the guests will be frustrated and it’s normal, as we all want to get what we paid for. So having clear, transparent and detailed descriptions and house rules, will make it easy to set the right expectations and that in turn guarantees that you get positive reviews from every booking. Blue-Banner-Half@2x One thing worth mentioning is that having the right descriptions, also guarantees a better experience for you as a host, as you won't have to go through the process of handling frustrated guests.

What is a good description

We looked at properties across various cities for sharing with you some real case studies of high-performing properties with a lot of reviews. Here are few examples from London, UK. Most Popular Airbnb Listings In London If you look at the most popular Airbnb listings in London (UK), like the ones in this image, you can see certain patterns in their descriptions and house rules: 1. Transparency This description is from the most popular property with 410 reviews (1st in the list above), and they state clearly that they don't have a private shower facility, only a shared bath. They even specify that it has a hand-held attachment! An Airbnb Listing Description And the reviews, like this one below, show that people appreciate that, as they know exactly what they're paying for: A comment on Airbnb from a guest who is not disappointed Here is another extreme example of that: An Airbnb listing description and again, people are very happy with that: An Airbnb listing review 2. Clarity Most hosts forget to mention many of the details that relate to their property, but it's necessary to include them as it helps guests understand exactly where they will be staying. Here is another good example of a clear description text: Description of amenities and facilities of an Airbnb listing Or another great example from a top London property: An Airbnb listing description

An incomplete description

This description clearly doesn't give enough information on the property, it's location, amenities and so on: Incomplete Airbnb listing description

Only positive reviews

If you'd like to make sure that you get consistently good reviews, you then need to have clear, transparent and detailed descriptions and house rules for helping guests get the value they expect. Blue-Banner-Footer@2x