8 musts to become a perfect host

woman greeting guests
As a host it is your role to please your guests and ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves. Happy guests will give you great recommendations and returning guests.

Heed your guests’ needs

It is essential to heed your guests’ various personal needs - of course within reason. Try to get to know your guest even before arrival, and keep make notes about their preferences in your Roombler app, to make the best out of their stay.

Never settle for basic

You want your guests to have an experience out of the ordinary. That is how you can stand out from all your competition. Small details can make all the difference. Like a great cup of coffee in the morning instead of your ordinary java.

Try things out

When you make a new course on the breakfast buffet or a new drink, try it out on people you trust and make sure that you master it to perfection before serving it to your guests. Same thing with any practical details.

Stock up on essentials

You don’t want to run out of any essentials like toilet paper or soap. Always have new light bulbs, clean linen, aspirin, anything that is essential for your guests comfort.

Speak happy thoughts to set a good mood

Of course you should apologize if you in some way have committed a mistake. However, avoid drawing attention to something that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Also, profusely apologizing can appear as if you’re just fishing for compliments—and no one wants that. Think happy thoughts. Speak happy thoughts. Set a good mood.

Hire help

Attempting to do it all is never a good thing. First of all, it’s rarely possible, so something usually falls through the cracks when you attempt. Hire help to do the things that you don’t have time or knowledge to do!

Be flexible and plan for disaster

Life is unpredictable, and the only thing you can bet on is that things won’t go as planned. So you need to be flexible. Have gluten free bread in the freezer and lactose free milk in the fridge. Have a baby’s crib ready in the storage and an extra set of keys on hand. And remember to ask questions like “Do you have any allergies?” or “Will your baby sleep together with you or in a baby’s crib?” to be as prepared as possible before your guests arrive.

Remember your why

Why are you a host? What is it that you love by being a host? Remind yourself of the answers to these questions and let it run through your daily work and your entire business. If you love what you do, your guest will love it too.