7 details for perfect prepping

Key And Wooden Fob In Door Of Hotel Bedroom
It is the details that makes pieces come together. The same goes for your vacation rental. Here are some tips important details to think of when preparing your property.


Our first detail is absolutely free - fresh air. Opening up the windows and doors for a while to let fresh air in will make wonders and your room will feel so much fresher in an instant. Also make sure that the temperature of your room is perfect.


Some fresh fruit and maybe some chocolate or a local speciality are a perfect way to make your guests feel welcome into your place.


Some fresh flowers are always nice and gives a great first impression. Just make sure that your guests aren’t allergic. You can always ask this when taking the booking and take a note about it in you Roombler booking management app.


Place some bottles of fresh water in the room, especially if your rental is somewhere where you can’t drink tap water. In an area where the water is ok to drink a greener option to bottled water would be a carafe with tap water and some fruit for flavour.


Fluffy towels and high quality toiletries adds luxury. The perfect host will also put themselves in the guests shoes and will try to think of anything they will need, and might have forgotten, during their stay. Things like toothpaste and deodorant are essentials, much appreciated if provided.


Help your guests to get the most out of their stay by providing them with a guide of your town. Listing all tourist attractions, your favourite restaurants and other hot spots. Also have a list with all necessary phone numbers and directions on how to use public transportation.

House rules

Make sure your guests knows what the house rules are. Anything that is good to know. Where to smoke, when to check out and what time breakfast is. If cleaning isn’t included you need to provide clear directions on how to clean and where to find any equipment.