7 common mistakes when decorating a room and how to avoid them

Beautifully decorated iving room with fireplace
You want your decor to match your brand and make your guests experience top of the line, this is the environment that your guests will live in during their stay. Here are some of the most common mistakes when decorating a space, and also some advice on how to avoid them.

Forgetting the entrance

When planning a space you need to keep in mind how people will move through that space. Let us say that you want a U-shaped sofa in the lounge area, just in front of the fireplace. Perhaps the natural way for placing the sofa would be facing the fireplace. Everyone can see each other and everyone can enjoy the fireplace. Great right? Well, the problem is that this will leave no natural entrance to the seating area. A better choice would be to place two sofas facing each other going out from the fireplace. Or, one sofa facing the fireplace and chairs on the sides. In that way you create a much more inviting environment.

Freeing up floor space

A common mistake is to line all furniture up against the walls. And a common argument to do so is to free up floor space. Well, this will leave you with a whole lot of space. For what reason? Use the whole room, of course with space enough to move around. Place a chair in front of and facing the window, to let your guests enjoy the view!

Ceilings has to be white

Nothing wrong with white ceilings. However, if you want to create the illusion of the ceiling to look higher. Then you have to chose a darker color. And this can be absolutely amazing!

Badly sized chandeliers

Size does matter but bigger is not necessarily better. And every piece has its place. You sure want to let your beautiful chandelier make a statement. However it, as everything else, needs to be balanced. When it comes to dining chandeliers, where this mistake most often occurs, a good rule to keep in mind is that the diameter of the chandelier should maximum be the width of the dining table minus 10 inches. On the other hand. A chandelier that is too small will just look awkward and tiny. Choose a chandelier that is about ¾’s of your dining room table.

Boring flat colors

Any color is boring if you only use one or two shades or different colors. Let us take beige as an example. If you only use one shade of beige, and one accent color. The impression will be quite flat. On the other hand, if you use several shades of beige, in different textures and mix it up with some accent color, maybe some gold details, adding some white, some wooden details. Then you will have a gorgeous and sophisticated decor!

Matching sets

If everything in a room comes from the same matching set, there will be nothing intriguing. Nothing there to catch your eye and to make you curious. Let us say that you come over a matched set of dining room furniture, that is a exactly right for your property, at a bargain price. Shouldn’t you buy it? Of course you should! However, don’t place all of the furniture in the same room. Take a cupboard and place it in a bedroom. Mix up the chairs with a set in another room. Place the sideboard in the lounge area.

Playing it safe

Safe is boring. Don’t be afraid of using bold colors, it not everywhere so as an accent. Buy some interesting art, maybe even one of your local artists would like to display their art in your hotel! Invest in some furnitures that really stands out. You can easily paint a sideboard yourself if you’re on a tight budget. Have fun!