5 social media platforms to look into

Social media is a great way to market your business and reach potential and frequent guests. At the Perfect Host Blog we will walk you through how to get started and be successful at the different platforms. Let us start with a short presentation of five of the social media platforms that you need to look into.


The number one social media platform when it comes to users is without a doubt Facebook. The channel has 1.7 billion monthly active users. Sharing is caring and the more that in any way interact with your posts, liking, commenting or sharing, the more the post will be seen by the facebook users. This is due to an algorithm that is supposed to show you, as a user, what you would like to see in your feed.


The photo community Instagram now has 400 million active users and keeps growing. It is a perfect platform to spread bits and pieces of your daily life. Instagram is owned by Facebook and has, since this summer, also started with an algorithm that is supposed to give the user what the user wishes to see. Therefore it is more important than ever to share high quality content on Instagram.


The microblog Twitter lets you do updates with a maximum of 140 characters. The upside is that you really have to think through what you would like to say, to fin in the limit, the downside is that you sometimes really wish that you would have more space. Twitter has about 313 million active users and is really a great place to share content, especially to reach bloggers and journalists, and to network.


Snapchat is growing and has now about 100 million active users. The idea is to share the present in the form of photos and short movies which will disappear when viewed. Earlier you could only take the snap in the app, no editing except the filters in the app. But since a recent update you can now share pictures from your phone library, giving you the possibility to share stories with much higher quality.


The perfect place to find inspiration and share inspiration as well as your own content is Pinterest. 100 million active users. Create different pin boards where you organize your inspirational findings. By pinning your own content you can also drive traffic to your own website.

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