5 benefits when using local producers

Weather your accommodation is in the city, a smaller village or on the countryside, you will probably have loads of local producers nearby. Using local producers gives you loads of benefits. Here are five of them.

Environmental reasons

Shorter transport equals less emissions. Locally produced products also enables better control over the supply chain and also makes it shorter.

Know your producer

By getting closer to the producer and the product you get to know what you offer your guest. You can share your knowledge and enhance the guest’s experience of the product, which in turn will make their stay at your place even better.


Follow the seasons and shop local and you will always have fresh products to offer your guests. The changing selection will also work as an incitament to visit you during different times of the year.

Marketing opportunity

Using local producers also gives you a huge advantage. Being able to say that you get your breakfast eggs from the farmer down the road is really a great selling point that you should be sure to use in your marketing.


Smaller actors can work together and market eachother. Maybe you can get some free samples to serve your guests treats from the local fudge shop, and then promote the shop. You will get satisfied guests at a low/no cost, and the producer will get pretty much free marketing.