3 mobile musts to zenify the stay of guests

Person relaxing in a hammock, with retro filter effect
There are plenty of digital solutions on the market that can make your guests lives easier and smoother. We have put together 3 areas for you to get started.


A free and good wifi-connection is essential to many today. As a guest you should be able to use the wifi wherever and whenever you want to. Many of us needs to stay connected during our vacation, some even have to work or perhaps visit your place to get some peace and quiet to be able to work. And some maybe just want to surf around on their social media channels and upload their pics of the day. Make the wifi easy accessible to your guests. If you want to have it password protected, make sure that your guests can easily find the password and log on.


With a Chromecast connected to the TV, your guests can stream Netflix, HBO and several other different providers of movies and series from their own accounts and in their own languages. You just plug it in and set it up and your guests can then access it when connected to your wifi-network. All they have to do is to type the four digit code displayed on the screen.


Many of your guests will search information and book their holiday on their mobile devices. You therefore need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly and the same goes for your OTAs. To enable direct bookings on your website you can use the Roombler booking widget. Roombler also take care of all your bookings via Expedia and Booking.com.